Managing the Financial Emergency

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Rebuilding Your Retirement Wealth/Managing the Financial Crisis

The following articles offer a look at the ongoing discussion concerning the financial crisis that grips our country. Managing the economic emergency facing us will take time. Consider these thoughts to help you navigate the turmoil and rebuild your retirement wealth.

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Special Report 11.10.09: Is Roth IRA investing Different?

Special Report 11.09.09:
Time, Transfers and Temptations: Your 401(k)

Special Report 11.05.09: Five 401(k) Questions

Special Report 11.04.09: Your Retirement Plan Goes to Court

Special Report 11.03.09: Mutual Funds have Tax Consequences.

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Special Report 10.22.09: Could a Change in Tax Law Save the 401(k)?

Special Report 10.21.09:Surviving Retirement: Outwit, Outlast, Outplay

Special Report 10.20.09: Subtle Changes in Your 401(k)

Special Report 10.16.09: Diworsifying, the Art of Looking at the Downside

Special Report 10.15.09:
Shining a Light on Your 401(k)

Special Report: 10.13.09: Understanding Risk or the Risk of Too Little Risk

Special Report 10.09.09: Should it be called risk tolerance or anxiety tolerance?

Special Report 10.08.09: Green; Not so Green: The Pluses and Minuses of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

Special Report 10.07.09: Adding Less Risk: The Safe Harbor Option

Special Report 10.05.09: Risk: It is What You Don't KNow that Matters

Special Report 10.01.09: The Risk of Less Risk; The "Yeah, But" Syndrome

Special Report 09.28.09: Your 401(k), the Do's and Don'ts of a Good Investor's Plan

Special Report 09.22.09: The Beginning Investor's Dilemma

Special Report 09.19.09: Your 401(k) - The Odds are Not in Your Favor

Special Report 09.02.09: There are New Options in Your Retirement Plan

Special Report 09.01.09: Is Changing the 401(k) Worth Thinking About?

Special Report 08.27.09: Your Retirement: The Double-edged Sword of Inflation

Special Report 08.26.09:
Understanding Money Market Mutual Funds: Do We Need Them?

Rebuilding Your Wealth: Why Investors Do What They Do
Part One - Loss Aversion | Part Two - Narrow Framing
Part Three - Anchoring | Part Four - Mental Accounting | Part Five - Diversification
Part Six - Herding | Part Seven - Regret | Part Eight - The Media Hype

Blog posts continued...

Special Report 09.15.09: Can Wall Street be Fixed with Moral Authority?

Special Report 09.10.09: A Look Outside of the S&P 500

Special Report 09.09.09: Fix that Credit Score Now!

Special Report 09.08.09:
Obama's Retirement Plan is Worth It

Special Report 09.07.09: A Year in the Life of Labor, A Labor Day Commentary

Special Report 09.03.09: The DB(k): Not a 401(k), Not a Pension, Not a Bad Idea!

Special Report 08.25.09: Will the 401(k) Match Return? Maybe; maybe not

Special Report 08.19.09: Unfortunately, Regulation comes with a Cost

Special Report 08.18.09: Which Recovery is Good for Your Retirement?

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Special Report 08.11.09: New for Small Business: The All ETF 401(k)

Special Report 08.08.09: 401(k) Transparency for the Small Business

Special Report 08.04.09: Retirement Planning - H is for Hedge Fund in Disguise

Special Report 08.02.09: What's a Mutual Fund Manager To Do?

Special Report 08.01.09: Could Saving Sink This Recovery?

Special Report 07.23.09: Retirement Planning: Estimated Recovery of Your 401(K)

Special Report 07.21.09: The Danger of Opting for Lazy

Special Report 07.21.09: What Do Mutual Fund Directors Do?

Special Report 07.17.09: Retirement Planning: Making Realistic Assumptions about Retirement

Special Report 07.16.09: Why Mutual Fund Portfolio Turnover Matters

Special Report 07.14.09: A Good Retirement Plan - 401(k) - Gone Bad

Special Report 07.13.09: Prepping for the Third Quarter

Special Report 07.10.09: Should We Measure Performance Using Rolling Averages?

Special Report 07.07.09: Some TIPS and Terms (like inflation, deflation, etc.)

Special Report 07.06.09: Measuring Mutual Fund Performance

Special Report 07.02.09: Rookie Mistakes

Special Report 06.30.09: Seeing But Not Seeing - What's in Your Mutual Fund?

Special Report 06.29.09: Will We Ever Learn?

Special Report 06.26.09: Trash Talking Target Dated Mutual Funds

Special Report 06.23.09: What's Hot - Emerging Markets

Special Report 06.19.09: Deep End of a Dark Pool

Special Report 06.10.09: A Target-Dated Mutual Fund Critic Makes His Case

Special Report 06.09.09: Retiring with a Plan - Is the Roth 401(k) Conversion Worth Trying?

Special Report 06.07.09: Retiring on Time: The 401(k) Accumulation Problem

Understanding Risk in 2009
Active Trading Risks | Counter Party Risk | Derivative Risks | Foreign Investment Risk | Growth Investment Risks | Issuer and Leverage Risks | Management Risks | Market Risks | Regulatory Risks | More on Leverage Risk | Sector Risks

Special Report 06.05.09: Mandatory is Not an Option

Special Report 06.04.09: Why do People Trash Talk Mutual Funds?

Small Business Special Report:
Your Retirement; Your Business Plan: Part One: The Individual 401(k)
Part Two: The SEP-IRA
Part Three: The SIMPLEs and the UNI-DB

Special Report 06.03.09: Mutual Fund Fees: Value When Needed the Most

Special Report 06.01.09: Your Retirement; Your Business Plan: Part One: The Individual 401(k)
Part Two: The SEP-IRA
Part Three: The SIMPLEs and the UNI-DB

Special Report 05.30.09: Mutual Funds vs Stocks: Better Cheaper, Easier?

Special Report 05.28.09: Your Retirement; Your Business Plan : Part Two: The SEP-IRA

Special Report 05.27.09: Mutual Funds - Blind Ambition

Special Report 05.26.09: Your Retirement; Your Business Plan Part One: The Individual 401(k)

Special Report 05.22.09: Do You See What I See (in you 401K)?

Special Report 05.21.09: Bond Funds make PIPP-ing Noise

Special Report 05.18.09: What Financial Planners are Thinking

Special Report 05.17.09: The Curious Case of (Index Fund) Fees

Special Report 05.14.09:The Social Security Solution

Special Report 05.11.09: Just in Time. A Stern Warning from the SEC

Special Report 05.10.09: Do You Know Where Your Mother's, Wife's, Daughter's Retirement Plan Is?

Special Report 05.06.09: The Alternate Investing Universe Is it for You?

Special Report 05.05.09: Retirement Planning: Close but Not Quite Close Enough

Special Report 05.04.09:Sidestepping Risk as Bond Funds Offer More of Less

Special Report 04.29.09: Retirement Planning: Bouncing Back

Special Report 04.27.09:Double Inverse Whatchamacallit - a New ETF

Special Report 04.21.09: Retirement Planning: The Health Insurance Component

Special Report 04.14.09: A Road Bump in Your Retirement Plan

Special Report 04.10.09: Risk in Municipal Bonds

Special Report 04.06.09:Conservative Investments: Have we gone too far?

Special Report 04.02.09: Embracing Mediocrity

Special Report 03.30.09: The Doubling Effect: Health Care in Retirement

Special Report 03.26.09: Mutual Fund Fees in 2009

Special Report 03.25.09: Perhaps Not So Bad... But Then Again<

Special Report 03.22.09: Second Guessing Your Mutual Fund

Special Report 03.18.09: The Proof is in the Fund

Special Report 03.17.09: Not all Pain and Suffering

Special Report 03.16.09: Averaging Your Investments

Special Report 03.12.09: Confusing Saving with Investing

Special Report 03.08.09: The Mutual Fund Manager's Delimma, a commentary

Special Report 03.04.09: Target Dated Funds Miss

Special Report 03.02.09: Retirement Planning from an Insurance Company?

Special Report 02.27.09: Are we at an Economic Standstill?

Special Report 02.24.09: Redefining Conservative

Special Report 02.23.09: Embracing Zero Risk Bias

Special Report 02.20.09: Retiring at Different Times

Special Report 02.17.09: Separate Retirements but the Same Plan

Special Report 02.11.09: When Your Company No Longer Matches

Special Report 02.06.09: The Perfectly Engineered Retirement Plan

Special Report 02.04.09: What happens to Your Retirement Plan when You Change (or lose a) Job?

Special Report 02.02.09: Explaining the 401(k) Rules for Withdrawal

Special Report 01.29.09: How responsible is your 401(k) fiduciary?
Justifying Fees, Part One | Part Two

Special Report 01.26.09: How responsible is your 401(k) fiduciary? Part One

Special Report 01.25.09: Is bankruptcy right for you?

Special Report 01.21.09: Old Thinking was Not the Problem

Special Report 01.19.09: Are there lessons to be learned? Can we admit we were wrong?

Special Report 01.14.09: Do women need a different retirement plan?

Special Report 01.12.09: A Chance to Redefine Our Futures

Special Report 01.06.09: Roth 401(k)s and Future Taxes

Special Report 01.05.09: When it comes to Retirement Planning:No shortage of Tips for 2009

Special Report 01.01.09: Our 2009 Financial Outlook: An Even Tempered Reconciliation

Special Report 12.29.08: Is it time to look at credit counseling?
If so, how do you pick a credit counselor?

Special Report 12.12.08: Can Inflation help Your Taxes?

Special Report 12.11.08: The Pension Paradox: A Commentary

Special Report 12.01.08: The 4% Retirement Withdrawal Rule.

Special Report 11.21.08: Can My Mutual Fund Fail?

Special Report 11.20.08: Flotsam Economics A Commentary

Special Report 11.19.08: Retirement Planning: Scatter Shot Solutions, A Commentary

Special Report 11.11.08: A Not-so-Fond Farewell, A Commentary

Special Report 11.06.08: No More Fine Print

Special Report 10.28.08: A Tight Labor Market Ahead!

Special Report 10.23.08: The Pain of Investing

Special Report 10.20.08:The Elections and Asset Allocation

Special Report: 10.18.08: Three Questions for the Finance Guy - Paul Petillo

Special Report 10.15.08: So many redemptions... Was it wise? We don't think so.

Special Report 10.13.08: After the Meeting: Pledges, Plans and Vows

Special Report 10.12.08: FICO, Your Credit Scores and your Debt History

Special Report 10.11.08: Over fifteen months, as of June 30th, we are down $2 trillion in retirement savings.

Special Report 10.09.08: What are the warning signs you are in a financial crisis?

Special Report 10.03.08:Retirement Planning: The Top Three Lessons to be Learned post-Bailout

Special Report 09.30.08: Retirement Planning: Your Retirement Plan;Your Time Frame; Your Elected Officials