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Retirement Planning for the Utterly Confused Investing for the Utterly Confused by Paul Petillo

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The Year Ahead: Our outlook for 2008

Special Report 10.23.08: The Pain of Investing

Special Reports 10.20.08:The Elections and Asset Allocation

Special Report: 10.18.08: Three Questions for the Finance Guy - Paul Petillo

Special Report 10.15.08: So many redemptions... Was it wise? We don't think so.

Special Report 10.13.08: After the Meeting: Pledges, Plans and Vows

Special Report 10.12.08: FICO, Your Credit Scores and your Debt History

Special Report 10.09.08: What are the warning signs you are in a financial crisis?

Special Report 10.03.08:Retirement Planning: The Top Three Lessons to be Learned post-Bailout

Special Report 09.30.08: Retirement Planning: Your Retirement Plan;Your Time Frame; Your Elected Officials

Week Ending 09.28.08

Henry Paulson's Magic Eight Ball

Week Ending 09.07.08

How Your SEC is failing the Investors of this country.

Week Ending 08.30.08

Adding to the list of potential disasters, The PBGC retools their portfolio.

Week Ending 07.26.08

It's Good; It's Not so Good

Week Ending 07.12.08

It's NOT your fault!

Week Ending 06.28.08
Cartoon Laws

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Mutual Funds for the Utterly Confused

Retirement Planning for the Utterly Confused

Investing for the Utterly Confused by Paul Petillo

Week Ending 06.07.08

Betting on Biggs and Other Predictions

Week Ending 04.12.08

We all know what optimal portfolio performance is. Right? No? Without a lot of the mathematical twists and turns, it is the perfect balance in a risky portfolio.

Week Ending 03.22.08

When Bear Stearns announced the collapse of two hedge funds last fall, the stock continued to fall from its precipitous high of $171. Investors not depositors, were reassured even as early as Wednesday of last week that the company was doing just fine.

Week Ending 03.09.08

China is on Whoopi Goldberg's mind. One of the hosts of The View asks our candidates, not directly mind you, why they are not addressing the issue of the world's largest economy. We take a look at the Adverse Feedback Loop

Week Ending 02.23.08

We crave transparency but once we have it we tend to no longer want it. We seek information, but once we get the news we react poorly. We look for some signs from a time past hoping that what once happened could possibly shed light on what is. But this time it is different. The Dichotomy of the US Economic Downturn

Week Ending 02.02.08

Perhaps we should look at where we are right now. Aside from the fact that the Federal Reserve is cutting rates again this week; aside from the misplaced but ultimately necessary stimulus package about to work its way through Congress; aside from the fact that the United states accounts for 30% of the world GDP; aside from the possibility that further declines in the strength of the dollar will make the imbalances of a trade deficit lessen, the dismal performance of this global currency of choice over the past several years is not much of a surprise. Remaking the Dollar from the Bottom Up

Week Ending 01.19.08

As much as Ben Bernanke's swift rate cut stimulus might look good on paper and would definitely sound good for the media and the stock market, truth be told, lenders are still not convinced that borrowers can or will, pay them back. Small Fixes for a Big Problem

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